Foundation Settlement and Upheaval: What’s the Difference?

Foundation Settlement and Upheaval

Homeowners are often confused by the terms foundation settlement and foundation upheaval. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to two very different circumstances. Continue reading “Foundation Settlement and Upheaval: What’s the Difference?” »

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

The idea of needing a basement wall repair can strike fear in the heart of even the savviest of homeowners. Fortunately, modern technology offers a simple and effective solution.

As your home begins to age, foundation settling and cracking can become a problem, due to excess moisture and shrinking and expansion of the dirt underneath. Unfortunately, by the time you actually notice a problem, it’s likely been developing for quite a while. Continue reading “Bowed Basement Wall Repair” »

Foundation Settling is Common in Older Homes

Foundation Settling

If you own an older home, foundation settling is extremely common and usually not dangerous. In those rare cases where settlement is a problem, however, professional intervention is the only way to prevent major structural damage. Continue reading “Foundation Settling is Common in Older Homes” »

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