Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

The idea of needing a basement wall repair can strike fear in the heart of even the savviest of homeowners. Fortunately, modern technology offers a simple and effective solution.

As your home begins to age, foundation settling and cracking can become a problem, due to excess moisture and shrinking and expansion of the dirt underneath. Unfortunately, by the time you actually notice a problem, it’s likely been developing for quite a while.

Bowing in your basement walls happens because of the power that moisture exerts when it presses against the wall structure, or because of expansive soil. Fortunately, bowing basement walls can usually be repaired with tieback anchors.

What are Tieback Anchors?

Tieback anchors are made to add strength and balance to your curved or fractured basement walls.

They can be used to pull the wall back into the correct position, which is accomplished by digging into the soil on the outside of your home, allowing the tiebacks to be inserted in the necessary locations.

Tieback anchors consist of three main parts: an interior wall plate, an exterior earth anchor and a connecting steel rod that ties it all together. They work to counteract the pressure against the wall and pull it back into place.

What Will Happen to Your Lawn?

You may be having visions of contractors digging a moat around your home, but this isn’t the case.

When installing these revolutionary anchors, only a small area of your lawn will need to be disturbed, and a small space underneath it excavated. The earth anchor portion of the tieback is inserted into the hole, where the foundation repair contractor will connect it with the interior wall plate.

Once the anchor is assembled, the contractors will tighten it to support the wall. They will fill in the hole and return your lawn to its former pristine beauty.

And now, your foundation walls are sound.

A True Working Solution

Tieback anchors provide an ongoing solution for basement settling, preventing future damage.

Even though the pressure on your basement walls will never abate, the anchors can be tightened again and again over time to preserve foundation stability. This makes tieback anchors extremely cost-effective over the long term. And, because tieback anchors can be installed in a very short period of time, usually a day, you will experience minimal disruption to your life and your property.

Best of all, your foundation will not need to be replaced!

If you have noticed any evidence of settlement, leaking or cracking in your home, contact the foundation restoration experts at Atlas Piers today. The earlier we can diagnose and repair the problem, the less damage your foundation will incur. Serving Utah, Nevada and Wyoming, we are your local experts for cracked foundation and bowed basement wall repair.

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