These Foundation Repair Myths Can Cost You Money

Foundation Repair Myths

How much do you really know about foundation repair? Probably not a whole lot, if you’re like most homeowners. So, you search for information online.

Unfortunately, misleading information can lead to devastating structural damage. Let’s look at the three most common misconceptions about foundation repair and the facts that can save you time, trouble and money.

Myth #1: Foundation Repair Isn’t Really Urgent

Foundation settling and structural damage typically occur over the course of months or years. Consequently, homeowners may be tempted to put off critical repairs until the time – or their budget – is more amenable.

Certainly, you could wait to repair the damage. But if you do, the problem will only grow worse. And when it becomes worse, the amount of damage to your home and the cost of repair will both increase.

Lest you think you can postpone repairs if you fill the cracks with caulk or epoxy, think again. Fixing the cracks may improve the surface appearance (and ease your mind for a time), but it does nothing to address the root of your foundation problem.

Soon enough, the leaks and cracks will break through and reappear.

Myth #2: Foundation Repair Will Destroy Your Yard and Landscape

You are naturally proud of your beautifully landscaped home, and you may worry that repairing the foundation will wreck your yard. You aren’t alone in these fears and, in fact, it’s a concern that almost all of our customers express to us.

That’s why the professional foundation repair experts at Atlas Piers perform as little outside excavation as possible to complete your foundation settling repairs. And, after the work is completed, our crews will take the necessary steps to restore the look of the yard.

In fact, some foundation repair techniques can be performed entirely inside the home, with no digging in your yard whatsoever.

For example, in some cases, steel push piers can be installed from inside the basement. Polyurethane foam crack injections can also often be completed without exterior excavation. If outside excavation isn’t absolutely necessary, we won’t do it.

Myth #3: Foundation Repairs Will Scare Away Home Buyers

Real estate laws require full disclosure when selling your home. This means you will

have to tell potential buyers about any repairs that have been made to the foundation. Won’t this scare everyone off?

Just the opposite, in fact.

Most homes experience some sort of structural problem at one time or another, and foundation settling is one of the most common, especially in our region. And, a home that has already had foundation repairs done is unlikely to need additional repairs in the future. So, the fact that yours has already been corrected could play in your favor when it comes time to sell.

You will have to disclose any foundation settling or cracking that you’re aware of anyway. Wouldn’t you rather say it’s already been evaluated and repaired?

Atlas Piers have been providing structural and settlement repair services to homeowners throughout Nevada, Utah and Wyoming for more than 25 years. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate for your foundation repair.

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