How to Prepare for Your Foundation Repair Project

When you schedule your foundation repair project, we take great care to explain what you expect when the crew arrives and begins the work. In most cases, we can complete our customers’ projects with little or no disruption to the household.

For the smoothest experience and the least amount of aggravation, we may request that you make a few preparations. Not only will this help the crew complete the job quickly and efficiently but it can also help protect your family and your home’s contents.

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Prepare Your Yard for the Foundation Repair Project

Depending on the type of foundation work that you need, the grass, plants and bushes surrounding your home may have to be disturbed to reach the damaged areas. If you have plants and grass immediately adjacent to the foundation, removing or disturbing them may be unavoidable to ensure we have access to the perimeter of your home.

The best way to preserve any plants that you want to keep is to transplant them in advance of the work. We can point out exactly where any digging or disruption will take place, so you won’t have to guess which plants and shrubs are involved.

Rather than doing the work yourself, you could hire professional landscapers to handle the yard preparations. Many homeowners combine foundation repair with a landscaping update. This allows them to improve their home’s curb appeal and value, and to get the disruptions all out of the way at one time.

Protect the Inside of Your Home During Foundation Repair

The heavy machinery used during the repair process can sometimes cause the floors and walls of your home to vibrate. If you prepare in advance for the vibration, you can avoid any potential damage.

Check your walls, cabinets and shelves for items that could fall and break, and pack them away in a safe spot until the repair job is finished. Remove artwork hanging on the wall and secure taller items that may be prone to toppling over.

Plan for the Disruptions of Foundation Repair

For safety reasons, some homeowners may need to temporarily relocate while their foundation damage repair work is completed. However, the majority of our customers are free to stay at home if they like.

But, for peace of mind, you and your family may prefer to leave the house. The repair process creates noise and vibrations, which can be disruptive to small children and pets.

You can take a day trip, head to the park, visit the library, see some friends or spend the afternoon shopping. Plan ahead, and you can have an enjoyable day out and about.

Most projects can be completed within a few hours, depending upon the number of piers that must be installed. However, if your foundation damage is extensive, the repairs could take more than one day. If yours is a larger project or the damage requires interior piers, our team may need more time to complete the work.

If that’s the case, you will know well in advance. And we are happy to schedule your project at your convenience, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

The foundation settlement experts at Atlas Piers offer complimentary consultations for homeowners throughout Nevada, Wyoming and Utah. Contact us today to schedule your foundation repair inspection and estimate.

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