Top 10 Warning Signs of Foundation Damage

If you have foundation damage, professional repair is the only way to keep the problems from worsening. If you wait too long, your home could develop serious structural issues or even become uninhabitable.

foundation damage

But how do you know if your foundation needs to be repaired? Keep an eye out for the warning signs, and you may catch the problem before it goes too far.

No. 1: Cracks and Bows in Walls

Vertical or horizontal cracks in concrete walls or drywall may indicate that your home has foundation problems. The same goes for bowed or bucking walls, a common issue in basements.

No. 2: Cracks in the Floor

Cracks running through your concrete floors are a big red flag for foundation problems. Garages, basements and porches often crack as a result of settlement pressure.

No. 3: Cracks in Foundation Blocks or Bricks

When settlement occurs, foundation blocks or bricks frequently develop cracks. The bricks can crack vertically, horizontally or in a stair-step pattern.

No. 4: Sagging or Uneven Floors

Do certain areas of your floor creak? Settlement can also cause floors to sag or become uneven. The slope isn’t always easily visible, but a squeaky floor is hard to miss.

No. 5: Doors and Windows that Stick

Sometimes, humidity can cause doors and windows to swell, causing problems with opening and closing. In many cases, however, foundation settlement is the real culprit.

No. 6: Gaps around Door and Window Frames

Even if your doors and windows don’t stick, you could still have foundation problems if you see separations around their frames. Settlement often creates gaps, mainly on the exterior frame supports.

No. 7: Displaced Crown Molding

If the crown molding near your ceiling has started to pull away, foundation settlement could be the reason. Instability in your home’s structural support can cause separation at the corners or cracks in the wood.

No. 8: Cabinets that Separate from the Wall

Do any of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room cabinets or countertops seem to be pulling away from the wall? Settlement makes walls and floors uneven, which can affect your installed cabinets and counters.

No. 9: Moisture in the Basement or Crawl Space

Foundation cracks can allow moisture to seep inside. If your basement or crawl space is wet, smells musty or has mold growth, settlement may have occurred.

No. 10: A Cracked Chimney

Your chimney is far from the foundation, but settlement in the soil can make it unstable. As a result, the chimney bricks can crack. Or, the entire chimney can develop a noticeable lean.

What to Do If You Find Evidence of Foundation Damage

Foundation problems happen over time, and many warning signs appear just as gradually. So, you may not even notice much of a problem unless you really look. Foundation settlement contractors recommend that you inspect your home inside and out several times each year. If your home is older, or if you have had problems in the past, an annual professional inspection is a great way to catch problems before they get out of hand.

If you suspect your home has settled – or if you’d like the peace of mind in knowing your foundation is structurally sound – schedule your professional consultation. Atlas Piers offers complimentary inspections and repair estimates to homeowners throughout Utah, Wyoming and Nevada. Solving foundation problems is our specialty, so contact us today.

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