Why You Need a Plumbing Test After Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is no simple process. In fact, from start to finish, the project can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

One important step in the repair process isn’t actually handled by the foundation contractor, but by a professional plumber instead. After the piers are installed and the structure of the home is stabilized, a special plumbing test is typically required.

plumbing test

Here are the important reasons why a plumbing test necessary after foundation repair and some general information on how the process works. 

Foundation Repair Can Create Plumbing Problems

Your home’s plumbing system is hidden in the walls and ceilings – and within the foundation. Many of the pipes that carry water and sewage are buried deep underground.

As you can imagine, shifting the foundation can cause the plumbing to shift. In some cases, the pipes can become damaged when the home is lifted and stabilized.

And, of course, problems with the plumbing could be the reason you needed foundation repair in the first place. Plumbing leaks are a major cause of foundation damage, as water infiltration can create changes in the soil.

Regardless, to ensure all your pipes are in good shape after foundation repair, you’ll need to get a hydrostatic plumbing test.

How the Hydrostatic Plumbing Test Works

Essentially, this test puts your plumbing system under tremendous pressure in order to detect foundation leaks.

To perform the test, an inflatable ball is inserted into the main sewer line, either through an outside cleanout (a pipe that sticks up from the ground, located close to the home) or through the drain system under a first-floor toilet. Then, the system is filled with water, which may be dyed to aid in leak detection.

The water level is then carefully monitored for 20 minutes. If the level drops, a leak exists. 

What if the Test Reveals a Leak?

If the test indicates that you have a leak, you’ll need to have the plumbing damage repaired. 

Fixing the leak will help preserve the foundation and protect your home’s stability for years to come. But, that’s not the only reason to schedule plumbing line repairs.

Leaks can lead to very costly foundation damage in the future. So, contractors who warranty their work usually require homeowners to repair leaks. If you fail to get a plumbing test, or if you ignore the results, you may not have a valid warranty. 

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