Foundation Repair and Buying a New Home: Do Your Homework

Many home sellers handle foundation repair before putting their property on the market because they know a problem-free home will bring a better price in a shorter timeframe. However, some sellers do not take this proactive stance.

Buying a house after any necessary foundation work has been done can save you time, money and major headaches later on. That’s why you should never take a home seller’s word on these critical repairs.

foundation repair new home

Before signing on the dotted line, protect your interests by making sure you have copies of all important documents related to foundation repair work.

Original Foundation Repair Agreement

Request a copy of the original repair agreement, as this document gives you the details about the work that was done. Read the terms and conditions carefully, making sure that any warranties or guarantees are transferable. 

Don’t forget to check into the foundation contractor who completed the work. Are they still in business? Do they have a good reputation for quality service? 

Scale Drawing of the Foundation Repair Work

Along with the repair agreement, foundation contractors provide homeowners with scale drawings that illustrate the scope of their repair work. Get a copy of this drawing, as it shows exactly where the piers and footings were repaired. This is essential information because it defines what’s covered under the warranty.

Foundation Repair Warranty

Speaking of the warranty, you need to have a copy – and you must make sure the company is still around to honor it. Read the fine print and get a solid understanding of the coverage terms as well as the causes for warrantable action to be taken. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the company if you have questions about the foundation warranty.

Third-Party Engineering Report for the Foundation Repairs

A third-party engineering report documents the repair work and verifies that everything was completed according to code. 

This important report should also show the final home elevation levels after repair, which you may need for future property improvements. You can also opt to hire your own structural engineer during the home inspection process to confirm that any foundation settlement has been properly repaired.

If you can’t get all of these documents, or if are you unsure about the quality of the repairs, you may want to reconsider your home purchase, as you could have more difficulty with future repair work. And you’ll be in for a bigger hassle – or even potential legal liability – if you decide to sell the property in the future.

For more information, or to schedule your own professional foundation inspection, contact Atlas Piers. Trusted by homeowners and businesses throughout Utah, Nevada and Wyoming for over 25 years, the Atlas Piers team can answer all of your questions about foundation repair.  

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