How Foundation Problems Can Affect Your Business

Does your commercial building have foundation problems? Speedy foundation repair is a must to prevent the damage from getting worse, and to limit the effect it has on your business.

Structural issues within a building can cost a business in several ways. You might begin to lose customers, or someone could face a serious injury. And, if you put off having it repaired, your foundation problems may have a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Foundation Problems

You Could Lose Customers 

Sloping floors, cracks in the walls, gaps around the windows and door frames – all of these signs of foundation problems can be obstacles to customer acquisition. 

Everyone expects a certain level of comfort and security when visiting a business. Perception matters and, if your building is in disrepair, customers may not have confidence in your company. 

They may perceive that, if you don’t have the time or resources to fix obvious structural issues in your facility, they may not be able rely on your products or professional services.

You Could Face Legal Action

Do your interior floors, outdoor walkways or parking lot have cracks from foundation settlement? Cracks aren’t just eyesores – they’re trip and fall hazards.

If you don’t have the foundation repaired, one of your customers could suffer an accident and become seriously injured. They are likely to then sue your business. If they win, the courts will compel you to pay for medical care, lost wages and even pain and suffering. 

And, once word gets out to the media, your business reputation may be damaged. So, aside from legal and injury-related costs, you could end up paying the price in with other customers.

Your Property Value May Drop

You might not plan on selling or leasing your commercial building now, but unrepaired foundation problems will be a thorn in your side when you do decide to make a move.

The resale value of your building will be far less if structural issues are present, and you may have trouble even finding an interested buyer or tenant. With all the other commercial properties on the market, why would anyone choose a building that needs foundation repair?

You Could Face High Foundation Repair Costs 

Solving foundation problems can be a major business expense, so commercial property owners may put off getting repairs. However, too much of a delay can actually drive up the costs.

When structural issues are left unrepaired, the damage continues to worsen as time goes on. And, as the problems spread, the price of foundation repair rises.

Don’t let foundation problems affect your Utah, Nevada or Wyoming business. Let the professionals at Atlas Piers restore the integrity of your commercial building. Our team has the skill and expertise to complete timely, effective and affordable foundation repair with minimal disruption to your business. 

For over 25 years, commercial property owners have trusted Atlas Piers for the highest quality structural support systems. Contact us today and schedule a free, no-pressure inspection and estimate to repair your foundation problems. 

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