Foundation Repair: How Long Does It Take?

Foundation repair may take as little as a day or two – or as much as several weeks – to complete. Every project is unique, and several factors go into determining the complexity and duration of the repair.

Your best source of information on how long your repair project will take is a professional local contractor. Most reputable Intermountain West foundation repair companies – including Atlas Piers – offer free consultations and can give you an idea of what time frame you can expect. In the meantime, however, the following guide should help you understand the variables that may influence your repair time.  

foundation repair timeline

Severity of Foundation Damage Dictates Repair Time

The amount of time it takes to stabilize a foundation is directly related to the level of damage present. The greater the settlement, the longer the duration of the project.

Minor settlement damage is much simpler to fix than a complete foundation reconstruction. The latter often requires the installation of several piers – and to accomplish this usually means extensive excavation, which prolongs the repair time. Generally speaking, the more piers that need to be installed, the longer the project will take.

External Factors that Affect Foundation Repair Time

Several other factors can influence the amount of time it takes to repair foundation damage. The following are obstacles that can make a project more complex and time-consuming:

  • Home size – Homes that are two or more stories weigh more, and thus have typically have greater foundation damage, than single-story homes.
  • Surrounding plants and trees – Roots can make excavation more difficult, as does working around existing landscape plants.
  • Weather conditions – Drought or excessively wet weather can create issues with a foundation, affecting the repair time.

What to Do After Foundation Repair

Once your foundation contactors have finished their work, you’ll need to take time to address the issues that caused or contributed to the damage. Otherwise, the problem may return.

For your home foundation to remain stable and secure, experts recommend scheduling a plumbing test. Having a local plumber come out to check your pipes will ensure you have no leaks or damaged underground plumbing lines – both of which can lead to future settlement.

Other steps you may need to take after your settlement repair include fixing or replacing your rain gutter system, grading the land around your home and making repairs to your interior walls and floors.

Would you like more information about the foundation repair process? If you live in Utah, Nevada or Wyoming, contact Atlas Piers for a complimentary, no-pressure consultation. Our professional contractors can give you expert information you need on the projected time and cost for your repair project.

As a trusted Intermountain West industry leader with over 25 years of experience, Atlas Piers is known for providing exceptional service at an affordable price. To schedule a free foundation repair consultation, contact us today.

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