4 Early Warning Signs of Foundation Problem

Foundation problems usually don’t spring up suddenly. The settlement process is gradual, so structural damage often goes unnoticed by homeowners.

But, if you know the early warning signs, you can identify foundation problems before they have a chance to become serious issues, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Spot the damage early on and repairs will be much easier – and much less expensive. 

Early warning signs may not be limited to the foundation itself, however. Telltale clues can often be found elsewhere in your home, including the upper floors. 

4 Early Warning Signs of Foundation Problem

No. 1: Water Damage

If you see water damage in or around your home and you can’t find an obvious reason, foundation problems could be to blame. 

Inside the house, be on the lookout for staining, mold and rotted areas in the walls and near plumbing fixtures. Outside, unusually wet ground when it hasn’t rained – or, conversely, parched soil after a heavy rain – could point to an issue with the foundation.

No. 2: Ceiling & Wall Cracks

Cracks in the foundation and inside your home don’t always signal a serious problem with structural integrity, but you should monitor them closely. If you see cracking in your ceilings, drywall or the exterior of your home, you may need foundation repair. 

Be especially wary of cracks radiating diagonally from the corners of windows and doors.

No. 3: Sticking Windows and Doors

Is it a struggle to get your windows and doors to open or close? Humidity might be a factor, but foundation settlement is the more likely reason. Without soil stability, door jams and window frames start to slump and become more difficult to maneuver. 

Pay special attention to problems that develop suddenly.

No. 4: Sloped Floors

Floors that aren’t quite level might be fun for your kids but there’s nothing funny about a sloped floor. Sloping indicates that the foundation is no longer supplying the adequate structural support for your home and that the structure has begun to settle unevenly. 

You might notice the development of cracking or popping of floor tile, a common indication that something of concern may be going on.

Catching Foundation Problems Early

If you notice any early warning signs of a potential foundation problem, contact a local repair contractor as soon as possible. While identifying the issue can be a do-it-yourself task, restoring the integrity and stability of your home definitely requires the expertise of a trained professional.

The structural damage won’t correct itself and as time goes on, the issue will only get worse. The longer you wait for foundation repair, the more you’ll end up paying for the work. Plus, if you leave the problem untreated, you can expect more secondary damage throughout your home, which can potentially become very costly to repair.

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