Connection Between Moisture and Foundation Problems

Moisture and water are essential parts of life on this planet, but when it comes to the interior and exterior of a home, they can quickly become frustrating elements. Water and moisture damage are the sources of numerous issues for homeowners everywhere, and one of the most expansive and potentially costly such issues is foundational settlement, shifting, sinking and other foundation problems.

At Atlas Piers, we’re here to help. We’ve been assisting clients with foundation settlement issues for over 20 years, and we know exactly how moisture plays a role in causing the issues we help identify and repair. Here are some basics to know about this, plus some simple tips to limit your risk of major foundation issues due to moisture concerns.

connection moisture foundation problems

Affects of Moisture on Foundation

Moisture is a big part of many foundational issues due to the way it causes several different elements to expand and contract. The soil underneath your home, for instance, expands significantly when it’s filled with moisture – this becomes an issue for your foundation when some areas of the home have proper drainage but others do not, causing higher moisture levels in some areas than others. This process is the primary cause of foundation shifting, and the main reason why this kind of shifting is commonly seen after heavy storms.

In particular for states like Utah, where it’s common for sizable dry periods to be followed by big storms, foundation issues due to moisture are quite prevalent. These long droughts have the opposite effect on soil: They cause it to contract rather than expand, meaning the shift after a big storm is even more dramatic than it would have been otherwise. This imbalance often creates foundation settlement issues.

Day-to-Day Care

The simplest way to avoid major moisture-related foundation issues is to just pay regular attention to the foundation itself throughout the year. Take the time to check all your drainage systems and ensure they’re running properly and evenly throughout the home, plus have our pros come out and inspect the foundation with an expert eye roughly every year or two.

If you have a home sprinkler system, it’s best to set a consistent schedule for it to run on. Also be sure to check all sprinkler components, including drainage, to ensure there are no leaking issues that could impact the foundation through runoff.

Regular Inspections

Some of the signs of moisture-related foundation issues are visible, but others may not be until it’s too late to stop a costly repair or replacement job. For this reason, it’s vital to have yearly or bi-yearly inspections done by pros who know what to look for and how to correct any minor issues.

For more on the connection between moisture and foundation issues, or to learn about any of our foundation repair services, speak to the pros at Atlas Piers today.

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