Connection Between Home Foundation and Plumbing

As many experienced home and business owners already know, many separate elements of a given home or business are connected. Think of your gutters and your roof insulation – they don’t directly touch or even work together, but they both connect to keeping the roof free of damaging ice and moisture infiltration. This kind of symbiotic relationship is present in many areas of the home.

At Atlas Piers, we’re here to tell you about one connection you may not have considered: Plumbing issues and foundation issues. We’ve seen and assisted with every kind of foundation settlement issue, and we know firsthand how many of these issues have either been caused in part by related plumbing concerns or, sometimes even more concerning, have helped lead to such plumbing issues themselves. Let’s look at this connection, the areas you should be paying attention to if you’ve had any recent plumbing or foundation issues, and a simple plumbing test that can help you here.

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Connection Between Plumbing and Foundation Repairs

If you’ve recently received foundation repairs of any kind on your property, you should be diligent about checking into your plumbing system. Many foundation repair services include lifting and leveling, which are among our primary services – these processes, however, include increased risk of broken or damaged pipes, which in turn lead to a higher presence of leaks.

And if these leaks take place, you’re putting those same foundation areas right back at risk. To avoid this, we recommend a test (which we’ll go over below) that can help you search for any cracks or leaks that might affect foundation, plus for any pier or beam issues.

Not Just Repairs

It’s important to also remember that while foundation repairs are often the cause of these plumbing issues, the foundation problems themselves might also have a major impact here. When your foundation shifts, it can cause the same kinds of shifts in basic plumbing areas. This can lead to issues ranging from banging pipes (settlement pushes them too close together) to leaks, bursts or significant main line issues if the sewer line was too close to the foundation to begin with.

Plumbing Test

For the above reasons, it’s vital to have what’s called a hydrostatic plumbing test done in the weeks or months following foundation repair – or anytime you’re concerned about foundational issues. This test is done outdoors, and involves placing a floating ball in your pipe and then pressurizing your system to see if the water level drops. If the level does indeed drop, this signals that leaks are present that might be filtering down into your foundation. From here, a plumber can find out where the leak is and work on assessing it.

For more on the connection between plumbing issues and foundation, or to learn about any of our foundation restoration services, speak to the pros at Atlas Piers today.

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