Let Our Specialists Fix the Cracks in Your Property’s Foundation

Our Specialists Fix the Cracks in Your Property’s Foundation

Cracks in your floors and walls can result in significant water damage. When you need a Utah foundation repair specialist to repair the cracks at your home, business or industrial facility, turn to Atlas Piers. We use piers to perform foundation crack repair for Utah customers. We take pride in our quality work, efficient service and reliable equipment and materials. 

Signs that Point to a Foundation Crack

Being familiar with the early warning signs of foundation problems allows you to head off troubles that ultimately cost tens and thousands of dollars to repair. When you’re inspecting your home, establishment or facility for issues, look for:

  • Unusual Humidity — Seals on the drywall keep damp air out of your property. If there’s a problem with the building’s alignment or seals, underground or outdoor humidity can get in. If the area remains muggy, this may be due to moisture seeping through the walls.
  • “Bowing” Walls — If your walls are bending or turning at an unusual angle, your property’s foundation may need fixing.
  • Crooked Entryways — As the walls shift and the floor tilts because of a foundation crack, the doorways may turn into parallelograms instead of rectangles. This stops the doors from fitting correctly into these entryways.

When you recognize any of these signs, report the issues to us as soon as possible. We’ll send technicians over to assess the severity of your structural problems and recommend the necessary solution to your foundation problems.

Don’t lose sleep thinking about how you’ll fix the cracks in your building’s foundation on your own. Contact us today.