Fixing Your Foundation Settlement Issues

Fixing Your Foundation Settlement Issues

Is the foundation of your home, industrial facility or business establishment sinking or settling? If the answer is yes, turn to Atlas Piers. We offer foundation piering to Utah customers to restore, repair and stabilize a compromised foundation. We take the time to assess your foundation settlement problem and provide solutions that can solve your issue.

Recognizing Foundation Settlement Problems

Before we recommend foundation lifting to Utah clients, we first look at the property to check for signs of settlement issues. Our specialists will recommend foundation sinking repair to Utah customers when they notice one or more of these problematic signs:

  • Drywall Cracks — These cracks serve as reliable indicators of foundation settlement. They could also be a sign of heaving or sinking floors or sinking crawlspace supports. They often appear larger and more apparent in the upper levels of a building. You would typically find these cracks along drywall seams and at the corners of windows and doors.
  • Cracks on Stairs — These cracks are a definite indication of a foundation issue. This condition is common in concrete and brick walls. If the property owner does not fix the settlement, the vertical cracks may become uneven or widen as the sections of wall tilt away from each other. If the settlement worsens further, you’ll find that the cracks look more extensive at the top than at the bottom.
  • Tilting Chimneys — This is a dramatic and intimidating indicator of a settlement. A chimney may start to tilt if the foundation is unable to support its weight. This structure weighs tens of thousands of pounds, so we highly recommended turning to us for foundation sinking repair to prevent the possibility of a collapse.
  • Damaged Windows and Doors — Signs of a settlement often appear around the openings of windows and doors. These two essential parts of your home have a problem when you see frames that are no longer square, cracks extending from above the windows and doors, locks that no longer work and occasional jamming and sticking.
  • Cracks on the Slab Floor — While slab floor cracking may point to the settling of the slab floor alone, it may also be an indicator of foundation settlement. There may be times when the floor may lift or sink independently of the foundation walls, destroying the floors but not compromising the walls.
How We Handle Settling Foundations

When you ask us to take care of the settling problem in your property, we recommend foundation piering. Depending on the issue we find, we install one of these foundation piers:

  • Push Piers — These piers attach to your property’s foundation and extend far below the building to a strong bedrock or stable soil.
  • Helical Piers — These have helical blades welded to the shafts. Installing them is possible from either outside or inside your foundation.
  • Slab Pier Systems — These piers stabilize a settling concrete slab. They restore stability by joining the slab to solid.

You can rely on us to perform foundation lifting to take care of your structure settlement problems. Our installation procedures, materials and equipment are of the highest standards to meet customer expectations.

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