Helical Piers

The Innovation Of Helical Piers

There are many proven techniques for stabilizing homes and commercial buildings that have acquired settlement damage. One solution is the installation of Helical Piers and Anchors by Merit Structures. This system is backed by more than 160 years of proven structural engineering experience and use in the foundation repair and restoration industry.

Helical Piers have a solid square steel shaft with several helical plates that are installed by twisting it into the soil like a giant screw; hence, often also being referred to as “Screw Piles”. By applying torque to the shaft, the helical piers penetrate the soil by minimally displacing the soil on either side of the piers. The torque which installs the screw anchor is measured and correlates directly back to the capacity of the pier. Once the pier has been installed, adjustable brackets are then attached to the base of the foundation walls. This connects the piers to the foundation. The weight of the home or commercial building is then transferred to the piers. In the process, the foundation, walls and floors are lifted, repositioned and retained from further movement.

This innovative system differs from other methods which use the structure’s weight to force pipes and concrete cylinders down into the ground. Alternative costly and time consuming methods used by other foundation repair companies require extensive excavation which can disturb site features such as walkways and landscapes. Of course, this is never the case with Merit Structures. Whether due to damage, moisture, or decay; foundation stabilization, restoration and repair are possible with helical piers and anchors. Helical Piers are ideal because they can be used for light to heavy load structures in almost any type of soil and excavation is quick and minimal, making it possible for helical piers to be inserted in those hard to access places and unstable or varying soil.