Steel Piers

Just What Are Steel Piers? Find Out Now.

Steel piers are a common and favored choice for structural foundation repairs. Merit Structures & Restoration, Inc. dba Atlas Piers uses steel piers because they are the most proven engineered product in the foundation repair and restoration industry today. Most foundation damage is caused by organic soils, shrinking and swelling clays, poor compaction, improper footer embedment, and erosion. The function of steel piers is to support and stabilize your structure’s load bearing walls; transferring the weight of the structure from weaker soils to the steel piers that are driven deep to a load bearing stratum. And of course, Merit Structures only uses the best quality engineered push piers on the market, the ECP Steel Pier™.

Each pier is driven individually using the weight from the structure in conjunction with any soil loads available. Once each pier is driven to this load bearing stratum a lift assembly is attached to each bracket placement to initiate stabilization or lift desired to repair the foundation. Individual hydraulic cylinders are then inserted into each of these lift assemblies in preparation for a synchronized lift of the foundation. Believe it or not, the synchronized lift is a key component to a high quality push pier system and foundation restoration. Opposed to systems that use alternative methods that apply uneven pressure to your foundation, a synchronized system uses manifold and hydraulic cylinders designed for effective and long enduring structural repairs.

Not only are Steel Piers, coupled with synchronized lift ideal for efficient foundation repair, but steel piers can reach much greater depths than pressed concrete or drilled piles. This increased depth allows them to be driven below active soils. Any pier system that does not penetrate beyond these active soils should be avoided at all costs. Steel push piers are well suited for most areas and have a history of enduring efficiency. Steel piers have been used for decades with great success in supporting settling homes and commercial structures. Which again, is why Merit Structures chooses to only use the best in the industry for their repairs.


Cost Effective. Merit Structures can confidently say that we offer a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other repair and installation systems.

Time Proven. Our work and engineer designed system is backed by more than 21 years of engineering experience and expertise.

Ahead of the Competition. Our system is superior to other methods on the market. Many alternative procedures involve unnecessary cost, time, and risk by other foundation repair companies. Where other methods can leave sites damaged, Merit Structures preserves the integrity of landscapes and walkways.

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