“I think they are very professional. They answered our questions and they came through when they said they would. I’ve been pretty pleased with them so far. “

Stephanie Earl, Homeowner Lindon, Utah

“They fixed the south and west walls of my house. I’ve sent them several referrals, I have great confidence in them. I would have nothing but positive comments for Atlas.”

Joe Ollivier, Home Owner Provo, Utah

“Atlas Piers’ service was really good. I was really happy with them. They raised it up and got it perfectly level-probably more level than it was when it was first built.”

Kevin Shakespeare, Owner Canyon Livery Bed & Breakfast Tropic, Utah

“We were very impressed with the quality of work. They didn’t waste time. I’ve never seen a construction crew work as clean and neatly as they did. They came inside and they had to jack hammer the cement, breaking our floor up in here and creating these sections where they were going to drive their piers down. You could hardly lift a shovel but one of them wasn’t behind you sweeping the dirt up. Tools weren’t left laying around. When they needed to leave a pile of dirt in a certain place, they covered it with plastic. It was unreal how clean, neat and efficient they were. No waste of time. No shovel leaning.

“I was sure impressed with operation and how they did it. Boy, when they hooked up the hydraulics to it and started lifting the thing back up, I was really dubious the whole way on what they could really do. But it sure has worked. I was just really happy with everything they did and the way they handled it. They were very professional all the way through. Whatever they do in the way of training they do a good job.”

Garth Jones, Owner Northeast Furniture Cedar City, Utah

“They were quick and efficient and they made it work for us. They’ve done a really good job. They certainly were a life saver for us. They’re wonderful people. Once a settling problem occurs I honestly don’t see any other way to effectively take care of the problem other than the way Atlas Piers does it.”

Jeanee Shakespeare, Owner Canyon Livery Bed & Breakfast Tropic, Utah

“Atlas Piers was wonderful. I can’t tell you how wonderful they were. They were a life saver. They were very professional. They were the only one in the telephone book that had the necessary qualifications. They were the only ones in that whole telephone book who are legitimate, who are on the ‘up and up,’ and who are not out there to dip in your pocket. Their costs and everything was extremely reasonable. They were ‘A’ number one.”

Rosie Yamaguchi, Home Owner Salt Lake City, Utah

“I do a great deal of foundation work, and Atlas Piers is a solution I use. We use them for new construction and we’ve done retro fits on existing structures with Atlas Piers.

“It’s a reliable solution. There are lighter solutions… less expensive like cut off walls or concrete piers… but usually they’re not as effective.”

Frasier Smith, Structural Engineer Mendenhall Smith Wright, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada

“Atlas Piers has been very helpful in solving foundation crack repair Utah and foundation settlement problems. Theq’re very good to work with. They have a good product. They have good people. And they have good service.”

Ed Allen, Structural Engineer Allen & Bailey Engineers, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Atlas Piers’ solution to foundation settlement problems is as good as any of them. We’ve done a lot of service with them.”

David Brown, Field Inspector and Drafter KNE & Associates, Reno, Nevada

“They’re great. They have a terrific system. I think they’re the best. It’s the only way to go. It’s a little more expensive than conventional [foundation repair methods], but you get a real quick, finite repair. The way they do their repairs is it’s a done deal. You’ll never have another problem again. “

Rick Hagendon, General Manager Kalb Industries of Nevada, Ltd., Las Vegas, Nevada

“It’s a great service. Atlas Piers can save a lot of buildings. To be able to save a $200,000 home with $50,000 worth of piers is a pretty good investment.”

Morgan Busk, partner with Busk, Inc. Monroe, Utah

“A lot of Atlas Piers’ work is even on homes that have been built in areas that were considered OK but now the homes have moved and they’ve had to come in and underpin them. In fact, that’s probably the biggest advantage of the small piers is that you can get into the tight areas and you can underpin a building that is sinking without moving in a massive truck.

“We’ve done a number of underpinning projects and they’ve all worked real good. I’ve recommended them several times on new homes.”

Bob Barton, Owner, Earthtec Testing & Engineering, Ogden, Utah